Transit Shelters

Solar powered state of the art transit shelters.

Transit shelters with backlit signs are strategically placed in areas that see the heaviest traffic. Traveling to Key West from Miami or South Beach will expose travelers to over 160 advertising faces. Perfect for drawing attention to your restaurant or hotel up head. Or just making sure your brand is top of mind when they reach their final destination.

The Only Outdoor Medium In Key West.

There are only 3 arterial roads to handle the traffic density into Key West with our transit shelters located on both sides. Due to the size, number of roadways and advertising media in other metro markets, visibility is greatly diluted. A 2 x 4 mile island attracting over 4 million visitors each year gives you a unique opportunity to make a lasting impression, without the clutter.

Average Daily Traffic Counts

US-1 (55mph max)

Key Largo - 30,000

Marathon - 28,000

Big Pine - 17,700

Key West (35mph max)

N. Roosevelt Blvd. - 35,000

S. Roosevelt Blvd. - 12,100

Flagler Ave. - 15,000


3.5 Million

The number of visitors entering the Florida Keys by automobile every year -
All on US Highway 1.

Overall Dimensions:
48” x 68”

Viewable Dimensions:
46” x 66”

Opaline or Styrene

Must be delivered 10 days prior to installation date. We will be happy to connect you with printers and designers who can meet the quality requirements necessary.

All Locations

Per Panel / Per Month:
$1,200 (6 month Contract)
$1,000 (Annual Contract)
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