Airport Advertising

The airport is a unique environment in which a captive audience is guaranteed, with substantial dwell time. And Key West International Airport welcomes 800,000 annually, with expectations to be 1 million within a few years. 5 Major airlines flying non-stop flights from Atlanta, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Tampa, Orlando, Charlotte and more, creates opportunities for powerful national or regional campaigns of all sizes.

Key West International Airport recently underwent a $35 Mill renovation to accommodate its substantial growth in travelers. Anderson Outdoor Advertising now offers numerous different advertising options for you to choose from.

Numerous Options to Choose

LCD Monitors

Numerous state of the art, LCD computer driven advertisements in the departures lounge. As well as eye level LCD monitors on luggage claim carousels.

Backlit Signs

Bright, crisp, eye catching. Our backlit inventory comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and locations to suite your advertising needs.

Speed Dial Telephone Wall

Backlit signs, with direct dial phones, add value for advertisers by being able to directly connect with customers at their point of arrival.

Custom Made Brochure Rack

The first place a visitor turns to get information about local attractions, entertainment and dining.

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Backlit Signs:
Various Sizes 0.5” border covered by frame

High Def LCD:
4:3 Resolution (1280 x 1024)

Brochure Racks:
Accommodates 4”x9” Cards/brochures

Telephone Wall:
12” x 12”

We will be happy to connect you with printers and designers who can meet the quality requirements necessary.

Arrival Area

Backlit Dioramas:
3' x 5' -  $1,425 Per Month (Annual Contract)
4' x 4' - $1,500 Per Month (Annual Contract)
6' x 4' - $1,575 Per Month Annual Contract

Back-to-Back High Def LCD:
8 Second Ads - $1,100 Per Month (Annual Contract)
10 Second Ads - $1,350 Per Month (Annual Contract)

Speed Dial Telephone Wall:
$500.00 per month (Annual Contract)

Brochure Racks:
1 Slot, $150.00 per month (Annual Contract)

Departure Area

Backlit Dioramas:
3' x 5' -  $1,100 Per Month (Annual Contract)
6' x 4' - $1,350 Per Month Annual Contract

60” High Def LCD:
20 Second Ad, $475 Per Month (Annual Contract)
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